Community Development Department


To consistently build-up and manage by delivering contemporary business services vital to diverse entrepreneurial activities in the expansion, retention, and attraction of quality goods and services for the public who live, work, and play in the City of Compton. 

 Planning Services

Review development proposals for consistency with City plans, ordinances and design guidelines that facilitates the creation of a community vision and land use policies for the future growth of the City of Compton.


Why is Compton Updating its Plan?

 Compton's existing General Plan 2010 contains nine topics, or elements, updated between in 1991, 2014 and 2020. Many policies in the existing General Plan although till relevant today, reflect the Compton of the 1980's and need to be updated because the community faces new opportunities and challenges, including housing affordability, transportation, safety and much more. The updated General Plan 2044 will help improve Compton by creating opportunities to enhance the quality of life for all members of the community through redevelopment of the primary streets to provide increased job opportunities and bring recreational and entertainment land uses into the City.  

The City is at the beginning of a two and a half year long planning effort to update the general plan.  This effort will require strong community involvement to reflect the values of the community and how the City of Compton will develop over the next 20 years.  The City and MIG will soon be reaching out to the community in different ways to gather input and will be posting information here to keep the community informed of the general plan 2044 update.  If you would like to participate in the planning process or be on a contact list for project updates, please contact us at:             

What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a policy document required by State law that provides long-range guidance for land use, development and other City issues such as economic growth, open space, conservation, affordable housing and employment.  The general plan serves as a city primary guide for land use and development decisions and is a key tool for shaping and improving the quality of life for residents and businesses. It is a city's blueprint, or constitution, to guide change; thus, the City must update its General Plan periodically to respond to the changing needs and conditions of the city and region and to reflect new state laws. 

CEQA Notices

Notice of Preparation for the Compton Station TOD Specific Plan

Notice of Determination (NOD) : Mitigated Negative Declaration for  250 N. Central Avenue.

Notice of Intent to prepare a Mitigated Negative Declaration for 930 W. Compton Blvd.

The ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT  for the Compton TOD Specific Plan is complete and ready for public review and comment beginning May 11, 2022 and will be closed on June 27, 2022.   You can view the EIR at the project web page Next Stop Compton:  or click on



Click the link to view the recent Specific Plan Stakeholder Meeting video.  The pass word is:  *n27ci&K 

Specific Plan document

The draft of the Compton Station Transit Oriented Development Specific Plan is complete and is available for public comment . Cut and paste the link below into your browser (Internet Explorer) to read the Public Draft of the Specific Plan or click on the link

It will available for public comment from May 11, 2022 to June 27, 2022.   

Send you comments via email through the project web page: