Economic Development

The City of Compton is recognized as one of the best places in the Los Angeles region to start and grow a business. This was documented some years back by an independent economic research firm naming the City of Compton an “Entrepreneurial Hot Spot.” According to firm’s research study the City of Compton ranked second (2) out of 88 cities as the best place in the Los Angeles area to start a business.

The preservation and expansion of the City's Economy is one of the City’s highest priorities. It is principally clear that having a healthy and vibrant business climate will the City avoid decline and be in a position to expand employment opportunities that provide a better than average wages for its residents, expand the municipal tax base, and generate the necessary funds to deliver quality public services to its stakeholders.

Program mission, goals and strategies

The Planning & Economic Development Department is organized to promote and support a sustainable and viable business environment. by adhering to its mission;

To consistently build-up and manage commerce by delivering diverse business services vital to entrepreneurial activities in the expansion, retention and attraction of quality goods and services for the Public who live, work and play in the City of Compton.

Core service mission

Expand businesses , by increasing their growth capacity,

Retain businesses, helping fledgling businesses become viable and sustainable,

Attract new businesses, creating an environment of opportunity, designing and, in some cases, going-after incentive programs that draw new businesses to Compton, and

Develop businesses, creating and supporting business start-up strategies that encourage micro and small business formation, training and equipping individuals for self employment.

Business Services Goals

Develop, promote and deliver resources and incentives that help ensure the fiscal health and competitiveness of Compton businesses.

Actively involve the business community in shaping and implementing effective innovative economic development and growth initiatives that will make Compton a world class and next generation City.

Aggressively search out, facilitate and capitalize on future business opportunities that, once realized, will provide City of Compton residents with significant, economic, cultural and social benefits.