Planning Services


Whether you plan to build new or remodel, open a business in the City, seek information on current projects or answers regarding the development process, you should contact the Planning  Division staff first before undertaking any work. In addition to providing information, review and approval of development plans in accordance with City zoning and development guidelines, the Division also chairs the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and Development Review Committee.

Planning Division staff, together with its environmental consultants, prepare reports and detailed analysis for projects subject to discretionary review and approval by the Compton Planning Commission. Projects include planned unit developments, variances, conditional use permits, and subdivisions. The Planning Division also facilitates updates to the General Plan and amendments to the Zoning Code, conducts research in preparation of planning studies and environmental assessments to address the future use of land and lifestyle issues.


Counter Plan Review and Preliminary Approval

  • Residential Room Additions and Garages
  • Commercial Tenant Improvements

Over the Counter Permits

  • Banners
  • Exterior Paint
  • Outside/ Parking Lot Sales (Commercial)
  • Residential Yard Sales

Property Information

  • Current Zoning Classification and/or General Plan land use designation
  • Zoning Development Standards
  • Assessor's parcel data
  • History of land uses and entitlements approved
  • Zoning  Verification 
  • Rebuild Letter Request

Processing of Discretionary Approvals

  • Pre-application conference (Required of all Planning Commission cases)
  • Land use entitlements (Conditional Use Permit, Variance)
  • Subdivisions
  • Zone Changes
  • General Plan Amendments.