Human Resources


Provide professional and technical support to City departments to ensure the ability to attract and retain a qualified and knowledgeable workforce to provide exceptional customer service to the citizens of Compton.

Core Services

▪Recruitment, Testing and Selection
▪ Benefits Administration
▪ Ride Share Program Management (Air Quality)
▪ Labor Relations Support
▪ Employee Training & Development

The Human Resources Department promotes organizational effectiveness by providing programs and services that facilitate the effective and efficient management of the City’s human resources, thus enabling the City to meet its operational goals and objectives to the mutual benefit of the public, employees, business community and the City.


The City of Compton is an equal opportunity employer. As such, its Human Resources Department is responsible for not only maintaining an adequate pool of qualified personnel to fill vacant City positions, but also ensuring that all personnel policies and practices are free of discrimination and comply with all applicable state and federal labor laws.

The Human Resources Department recruits, tests, and certifies employees in accordance with the City’s merit system; administers the City’s benefits programs; provides employee training in the various laws, rules and regulations that govern the workplace; administers the City’s Employee Assistance Program; implements programs and activities designed to promote employee development and retention; conducts salary surveys and classification studies as necessary; and provides staff support to the Compton Personnel Board, which oversees the City’s civil service system.