Water Utility Division


The Water Utility Division is responsible for implementing the City's utility services and billing programs. To achieve the objectives of these programs, the Division constructs, inspects, maintains and repairs water mains, gate valves, fire hydrants, and water services to provide adequate potable water to the citizens and businesses of Compton.

Core Services

▪ Customer Service - Develop and maintain a fully staffed, functional, effective, and efficient customer service program.
▪ Water Delivery - Provide for the delivery of quality drinking water to the all City customers that is safe, reliable, and at the lowest cost possible.
▪ O&M Water System - Perform ongoing evaluation, repair and replacement of water infrastructure throughout the City as needed.
▪ Meter Reading – Achieve and maintain a high level of accuracy is the collection of water usage data.
▪ Utility Billing – Provide a comprehensive and efficient level of staffing to ensure wait times experienced by customers on the phone or at the front counter are kept to a minimum.