Intergenerational Program

Our Children’s Development, Youth Services

The OCD Youth Services original concept was to get the “seniors”, the“ grandparents,” involved with the youth, their “grandchildren”, in a sports program. This program bridges the gap between the youth and senior citizens.

All staff members are adult volunteers and it seems that the original “idea and concept,” was a match made in heaven. The “sports program” bloomed and expanded beyond the “playing fields,” much to the delight of its founders. The OCD Youth Services became a premiere youth organization, inviting it’s membership to participate in a variety of activities.

A variety of activities are scheduled to explore cultural, educational, historical and recreational programs. Reservations are made in advance and a fee is charged for some activities.

Activity Ages
T.V. Tapings: Raven, Kids Choice Award, One on One, Zack & Cody, Eve, American Music Awards, etc. All
Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, T-Ball, Baseball, and Girls Softball 4-17
Enrichment Program: Teen Summit, Reach LA, Kids Health Fair All
Snow Trip All
Knott’s Berry Farm All
Orange County Fair All
Senior Citizen Gala 10-up
Annual Spring Break Road Trip (10 days) 10-up
*Prerequisite: Volunteer Service for Senior Programs.