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Compton is a great place to live,work, and raise a family. It is home to almost 100,000 citizens. Known as the “Hub City” because of its unique position in almost the exact geographical center of Los Angeles County, Compton is strategically located along the Alameda Corridor, a passageway of 25 percent of all U.S. waterborne international trade. Compton is rapidly emerging as a large industrial center in Los Angeles County for transit and distribution,business services, high technology, home and lifestyle products, metals, financial services, and textile manufacturing. This is an exciting time for Compton. The City is developing a wide range of economic and cultural opportunities that will help to make Compton a prime destination for residents and businesses.

This website is designed to deliver timely and relevant information on the city for citizens and other interested organizations. Contained here is information on City events, council meetings, upcoming events, and who to contact for city services. Visitors to the City’s website can easily subscribe to the Compton Vista newsletter, download applications for licenses, and request City services 24 hours a day!






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