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MAIN NUMBER (310) 605-5500



Addressing Building & Safety (310) 605-5509
Alley Cleanup Public Works Maintenance (310) 605-5691

Americans With Disabilities

(ADA) Regulations

Building & Safety (310) 605-5509
Animal Control LA County Animal Care (562) 940-6898
Architectural Review Planning & Economic Development (310) 605-5532
Banner/Commercial Sign Review Planning & Economic Development (310) 605-5532
Barking dogs Code Enforcement (310) 605-5689
Bees Busy Bee Corporation (800) 233-9212
Building Damage Assessment Building & Safety (310) 605-5509
Building Permits and Fees Building & Safety (310) 605-5509
Building Plan Building & Safety (310) 605-5509
Bulky Trash Waste Management (310) 522-6505
Business License Municipal Law Enforcement Services (310) 605-5508
Cable TV Public Access Channel 28 (310) 898-2465
Charles Drew Head Start Program (310) 605-0164
Chester Adult School (310) 898-6470
Child Abuse Hotline (800) 540-4000
City Council Members Mayor & Council (310) 605-5590
City Council Agenda/Issues City Clerk (310) 605-5530

City Council TV Broadcast

Channel 36 (310) 605-5602
City Facilities Maintenance General Services (310) 605-5519
City Facilities Rentals General Services (310) 605-5519
City Records City Clerk (310) 605-5530
City Treasurer City Treasurer (310) 605-5515
Code Enforcement Municipal Law Enforcement Services (310) 605-5689
Community Service General Services (310) 605-5519
Compton Unified School District (310) 639-4321
Counseling Services Drug/Alcohol Special Services Division (310) 605-5693
Department of Motor Vehicles (800) 777-0133
Easements Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Economic Development Planning & Economic Development (310) 605-5580
El Camino Compton Education Center Compton College (310) 900-1600
Elderly Abuse Hotline (800) 992-1660
Election Information City Clerk (310) 605-5530
Encroachment of Public Right of Way Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Engineering Permits Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Enterprise Zone Planning & Economic Development (310) 605-5532
FEMA (disaster relief) Federal Government (800) 462-9029
Fleet Maintenance Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Garbage Collection waste management (310) 522-6505
Grading/Construction/Landscape/Boring Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Graffiti Removal Public Works Maintenance Division (310)-605-5691
Handicapped Services Public Works (310) 605-5505
Hazardous Materials Disclosure Fire Department (310) 605-5670

Health/Fire/Safety Hazards

Relating to Structures

Building & Safety (310) 605-5509
Household Hazardous Waste Water Department (310) 605-5524
Housing Program/Section 8 Housing Authority (310) 605-3080
Human Resources Personnel (310) 605-5535
Industrial Waste Pretreatment Water Department (310) 605-5524
Land Development Planning & Economic Development (310) 605-5580
Land Use Review Planning & Economic Development (310) 605-5532
Legal Aid (310) 638-6194
Los Angeles County Court Building County Agency (310) 762-9100
L A County Department of Social Services County Agency (310) 603-8411
Los Angeles County Library County Agency (310) 637-0202
LA County Registrar-Recorder (Hall of Records) County Agency (562) 462-2137
Low Income Housing (Large Family Apartment) Housing Authority (310) 605-3080
Media/Press Inquiries City Manager (310) 605-5585
Metro Train Mta Rail And Bus (800) 371-5465
Metro Blue Line Mta Rail And Bus (800) 266-6883
Metro Bus Service Mta Rail And Bus (213) 626-4455
Mosquito Abatement Compton Creek

Mosquito Abatement District

(310) 639-7375
Nuisance Code Violations Code Enforcement (310) 605-5689
Occupancy Certificates Planning Economic Development (310) 605-5532
Park Maintenance (Facilities) General Services (310) 605-5519
Park Maintenance (Landscaping) Parks and recreation (310) 605-5688
Passport Services Post Office (800) 275-8777
Personnel Human Resources (310) 605-5535
Mosquito Abatement Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Parking/Citations/Contesting Parking Citation Municipal Law Enforcement Services (310) 605-6349
Pothole Repairs Public Work Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Property Tax Information City Clerks Office (310) 605-5530
Recycling Water Department (310) 605-5524
Sewer Assessments Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Sewer Odors and Leaks Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Shopping Carts Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Sidewalks – Notice to Repair Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
- Street Construction Public Works (310) 605-5505
- Private Planning & Economic Development (310) 605-5532
- Political City Clerk (310) 605-5530
Sign Maintenance/Repair Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Slope/Soil Matters Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Social Security Administration Federal Government (800) 772-1213
Storm Drain Cleaning Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Storm Drain Grates Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Street Assessments Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Street Improvement Program Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Street Maintenance/Street Lights Repair Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Street Sweeping Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Subdivision Agreements/Fees Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Tenant/Landlord Disputes Fair Housing (562) 989-1206
Traffic Matters Public Works Engineering (310) 605-5505
Traffic Signal Maintenance Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691
Transportation Services
Access Transportation Services (800) 827-0829
Compton Dial-A-Ride (Senior Citizens) Dollarhide Senior Citizen Center (310) 537-4890
(310) 605-5189
- Compton Renaissance Transit (562) 633-3798
- Dial-A-Taxi Program (310) 605-5688
- Greyhound Bus (310) 632-5310
Trash Service Complaints Water Department Solid Waste (310) 605-5524
Trash on Private Property Within Public View Code Enforcement (310) 605-5689
Trees in Right of Way Public Works Maintenance Division (310) 605-5691

Uniform Building/Material Plumbing/


Building & Safety (310) 605-5509
United States Post Office Federal Government (800) 275-8777
Used Oil Recycling Water Department (310) 605-5595
Veterans Assistance Federal Government (310) 478-3711
Water Conservation Water Department (310) 605-5690
Water Distribution Water Department (310) 605-5595
Water Leaks Water Department (310) 605-5690
Water Quality Water Department (310) 605-5690
Water Services
- California Water (310) 257-1400
- Compton Water Department Water Department (310) 605-5524
- Golden State (800) 999-4033
- Midland Water (310) 604-0516
- Park Water Company (800) 727-5987
- Sativa/LA Water Service (310) 631-8176
Weed Abatement (Vacant Lots) Code Enforcement (310) 605-5689
Zoning Planning & Economic Development (310) 605-5532
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