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Planning and Zoning Division



Whether you plan to build new or remodel, open a business in the City, seek information on current projects or answers regarding the development process; Planning and Zoning Division staff should be contacted first. In addition to providing information, review and approval of development plans in accordance with City zoning and development guidelines, the Division also chairs the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and Development Review Committee.

Planning and Zoning Division staff, together with its environmental consultants, prepare reports and detailed analysis for projects subject to discretionary review and approval by the Compton Planning Commission. Projects include planned unit developments, variances, conditional use permits, and subdivisions. The Planning and Zoning Division also facilitates updates to the General Plan and amendments to the Zoning Code, conducts research in preparation of planning studies and environmental assessments to address the future use of land and lifestyle issues.


Counter Plan Review and Preliminary Approval

Residential Room Additions and Garages
Commercial Tenant Interior Improvements
Business License / Certificates of Occupancy

Over-the–Counter Permits

Exterior Paint
Outside/ Parking Lot Sales (Commercial)
Residential Yard Sales

Property information

Current zoning and/or General Plan land use designation
Assessor’s parcel data
History of land uses and entitlements approved
Research and written zoning verifications/rebuild letter

Processing of Discretionary Approvals

Pre-application conference (Required of all Planning Commission cases)
Land use entitlements
Zone Changes and/or General Plan amendments

City of Compton Municiple Codes

1. Compton Municipal Codes

Planning Division Schedules

  1. Planning Commission
  2. Architectural Review Board
  3. Yard Sales

Maps/Zoning Codes

  1. City Council District Map
  2. Compton City Map.pdf
  3. EZ Boundary Map.pdf
  4. EZ Street Map.pdf
  5. Land Use Summary.pdf
  6. Redevelopment Zone Map.jpg
  7. Vacant Buildings and Sites.pdf
  8. Zoning Summary.pdf


  1. Alcoholic Beverage Sales Policy.pdf
  2. Alcoholic Beverage Sales Policy 2.pdf
  3. Family child care homes.pdf
  4. General Demographic Information.pdf
  5. Home Occupation Regulations.pdf
  6. Maintenance of Residential Trailers.pdf
  7. Outside storage regulations.pdf
  8. Pallet Yards.pdf
  9. Regulations Governing Churches and Public Assembly uses.pdf
  10. Regulations Regarding Warehouses and Trucking.pdf
  11. Residential Units CM ML HM.pdf
  12. Residential Units in a Limited Comercial Zone.pdf
  13. Secondary Dwelling Units.pdf
  14. The use and regulation of land 2.pdf
  15. Zoning the use and regulation of land 1.pdf

Planning Applications

  1. Subdivision Application.pdf
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