Notice of Public Hearing

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City of Compton will hold at least two, and perhaps three public hearings to receive public input and testimony regarding proposed re-alignment of the electoral districts for election to the Council. The Council will consider plans based on the 2010 Census, presented by the District's demographic consultant, as well as additional plans that the public may present.

The first public hearing will be held on September 11, 2012, at 6:00 pm, and the second public hearing will be held on September 18, 2012, at 6:15 pm.

The Council anticipates taking action at the close of the second public hearing on September 18 to select a preferred council district plan for final adoption by the Council; however, the Council may instead give direction to the City's demographic consultant to modify any of the proposed plans. If the Council orders changes at the September 18 meeting, a third public hearing will be conducted at the Council's regular meeting on September 25, 2012, at 6:15 pm.

All of the public hearings will be held at the Compton City Council Chambers at City Hall, 205 S. Willowbrook Ave., Compton, CA 90220. The public hearings will take place as a part of regular City Council meetings, which begin at 5:45 p.m.

For more information on the City's redistricting process, please visit the City's website.