Clean Compton Initiative

Dear Compton Resident,

We are gearing up for a very exciting new year in the City of Compton! With street resurfacing projects in the pipeline, park improvements underway, and the new Clean Compton Initiative to strategically address dumping and graffiti, there will be a major shift in the cleanliness of our great city!

The new Clean Compton Initiative is a citywide targeted effort to beautify, clean, abate and maintain the cleanliness of our city through strategically targeted city services, municipal code enforcement, and community partnerships. As we all know, our city has been blighted by illegal dumping, graffiti, and neglect but we now have a sustainable and comprehensive strategy to address these systematic issues.

As part of the Clean Compton Initiative, city staff have
• Assigned a taskforce to target illegal dumping hotspots around the city on a more frequent basis;
• Identified graffiti hotspots where permanents deterrents will be installed such as murals, and foliage wall coverings;
• Ramped up the enforcement of municipal codes for residences, businesses and vacant landowners that are out of compliance with the maintenance of their property.

As a united community working towards one goal, we can dramatically change the appearance of our neighborhoods and create an environment where families and businesses thrive. We have seen many of your neighbors and apartment owners begin to re-paint, trim back overgrown shrubs, restore and renovate their homes and businesses and we are asking you to join us! The collective benefit of all of us working together will restore pride in our great city and establish a renewed sense of community.

Please use this page to report dumping, graffiti or residents, and business that are maintaining their property. You can also find a list of the municipal codes, contacts for could pick and other resources to help improve the cleanliness of our community.


Clean Compton at Work


Thank you of for your help!