City Controller


Maintain reliable, transparent and accurate financial systems to provide financial information to management, Council and external agencies.

Core Services

▪ Financial Reporting
▪ Payroll
▪ Accounts Payable Processing
▪ General Ledger and Accounting
▪ Financial Record integrity and auditing


The Department of the City Controller is responsible for implementing the City’s general accounting program in accordance with Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles. To achieve the objectives of the program, the department implements the following activities: general ledger, auditing of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll.


The City Controller’s Office has five divisions: Administration, General Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll. Of the 17 full-time classified staff proposed for the 2007/2008 budget year, four are assigned to administration; seven are assigned to General Accounting; three are assigned to Accounts Payable; two are assigned to Payroll; and one is assigned to Accounts Receivable. The Controller’s Office also administers the City’s contract for internal auditing and information technology for the finance system.


Financial Reporting

▪ Provides financial data on a continuous basis to:
   – City-wide Independent Auditors
   – IRS
   – Los Angeles County
   – State Controller’s Office
   – Bonds and TRANS holders
   – Grant Agencies ▪ Provides monthly Financial Reports.
▪ Prepares and monitors cash flow trend.
▪ Monitors Revenues and Expenditures trends.

Payroll Services

▪ Processes bi-weekly / semimonthly payroll for:
   – City Council and Elected Officials
   – City employees
   – Commissioners - monthly
▪ Reconciles and pays taxes and deductions
▪ Reconciles and monitors employees retirement contributions. Provides tax returns to IRS for city employees, council members, commissioners, & youths

Accounts Payable

▪ Processes checks requested by departments▪
▪ Prepares and sends tax returns (Form 1099) to all vendors and landlords each year.
▪ Maintains database for all the City’s vendors.
▪ Reports to IRS using prescribed formats.

General Ledger

▪ Reconciles City’s bank accounts each month.
▪ Reconciles the City’s bonds accounts.
▪ Posts necessary Journal Entries.

Data Support

▪ Provides data to departments to process Grant reimbursements to the City. ▪ Continuously provides financial information to departments to monitor their expenditures. ▪ Acts as valuable data support to departments and city management for yearly budget preparation.

Financial Data Integrity

▪ Reviews financial data to ensure accuracy on a continuous basis.
▪Involves with the numerous yearly audits performed by:
   – State Controller’s Auditors
   – Department of Finance Auditors
   – LA County Auditors
   – Independent City-wide Auditors
   – Air Quality Management Financial Auditors