Water Utility Division


The mission of the City of Compton Water Department is to provide its customers with a reliable supply of potable water at an equitable price, essential to maintaining public health, economic vitality and community well-being.

Core Values

The core values of the Water Department are meeting and, whenever possible, exceeding the public’s expectations, with effective and efficient management that is committed to providing attentive and considerate customer service while assuring a safe working environment in which there is an appreciation for loyal service and equitable opportunities for personal advancement and continuing education, particularly in the field of public service.

Core Function

• The Department provides water service to over 79,000 people through approximately 14, 333 service connections, approximately 80% of the city. The system now includes 8 wells, 1 booster pumping station, water treatment facilities, reservoirs, and more than 156 miles of transmission and distribution water lines. To provide additional supply, the Department as a Metropolitan Water District member agency has connected to the Metropolitan Water District’s system with 3 service connections, and has installed emergency interconnections with adjoining water agencies.
• Operate, maintain and repair the water system to provide a reliable supply of water.
• Ensure that the water quality meets or exceeds water quality standards set by Federal and State Regulatory agencies.
• Manage the Departments Water Resource Supply portfolio.
• Plan, implement and manage Capital Improvement Projects to upgrade water distribution and supply facilities which have exceeded their life cycle.
• Respond to customer inquiries regarding their bill, water quality.