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Compton Breaks Ground on 1.1 Million SF Light Industrial Park

New Compton Brickyard to Bring Hundreds of Local Jobs, Street Improvements and Have an Economic Impact of Over $100 Million Annually

COMPTON– After 70 years of brick manufacturing and distribution, the Compton Brickyard is getting a complete makeover. On Thursday, Dec. 3, Compton Mayor Aja Brown and 1st District Councilmember Janna Zurita delivered a loud message that Compton was open for business with the groundbreaking of the new 1.1 million square-foot Compton Brickyard.

Mayor Brown and Councilmember Zurita were joined by developer Trammell Crow senior managing partner Brad Cox, project manager Greg Ames, State Senator Isadore Hall, retired Councilmember Delores Zurita and local civic and business leaders. Our Lady of Victory’s Father Francisco Valdominos blessed the 58-acre construction site.

Located at 13633 South Central Avenue, the Atkinson Brickyard had been family owned since 1934. The Atkinson Brick Company operated a clay mining and brick manufacturing operation on site for several decades, which ceased in the early 2000’s. When completed, the new Compton Brickyard will boast a sustainable design with state-of-the-art architecture the likes of which do not exist currently anywhere in Greater Los Angeles. The project will help connect Compton to the billions of dollars flowing annually through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, while also creating a best-in-class development on a site that has been underused for decades.

“I am excited to see Trammell Crow take on such a grand project,” commented Mayor Aja Brown. “From day one they have been committed to the city of Compton and transforming this site. They have been very responsible and giving corporate partners who believe in Compton and have shown that through their investment in us. Promises made and promises kept.”

1st District Councilmember Councilmember Janna Zurita, who grew up with the old Brickyard in her backyard, worked with Trammell Crow to secure $45,000 that will be used to revitalize Jackie Robinson Stadium—news that got a standing ovation from Compton Baseball Training Academy (CBATS) founder Gerald Pickens who was also in the audience.

Economic Impact

Completely privately funded, based on an independent study the new Compton Brickyard is forecasted to have an economic impact of over $100 million annually. Developers Trammell Crow have committed nearly $1 million to the City of Compton to support the project including $463,573 to the Compton Unified School District and Compton Community College District, $250,000 towards a Compton CareerLink job training program where six Compton residents have already been selected for an apprenticeship with all fees and costs covered and $45,000 to the revitalization of Jackie Robinson Stadium.

Street Improvements

Probably one of the most exciting parts of the new Compton Brickyard project is the neighborhood improvement. There will be $8.9 million in neighborhood improvements by the end of 2016 with $1 million dedicated to perimeter landscaping. Other improvements include:

▪ The repaving of Central Avenue along the property’s frontage
▪ Rebuilding the intersection of Sam Littleton and McKinley Avenues
▪ New sidewalks along Central Avenue and around the property’s boundaries
▪ Two new traffic signals at 139th Street and Central Avenue and Rosecrans and McKinley Avenues
▪ One new crosswalk at 139th Street and Central Avenue
▪ Over 500 trees will be planted around the property and maintained at the developer’s expense.


The new Compton Brickyard will also bring hundreds of industrial jobs to Compton. As a part of the City’s Community Benefits Agreement with developers Trammell Crow, $250,000 in seed money has been donated to create an industrial jobs training program in collaboration with the Compton Unified School District and Compton College District to help ensure that Compton residents are qualified to compete for the new job opportunities as they become available. Typical light industrial jobs include expeditor, fork lift operator, inventory technician, packager, pick and pack worker, shift coordinator, sorter, shipping and receiving, security and warehouse staff roles among others. The project will provide preferential hiring during construction for local and minority-owned subcontractors.

Interested job candidates can contact the Compton CareerLink at (310) 605-3050 for more information.

The new Compton Brickyard is scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2016.

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