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METRO Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Project

The METRO Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Project is a pedestrian safety enhancement project for at grade railroad crossing along the Metro Blue Line Corridor.

Metro is proposing to improve the pedestrian crossings at all gated at-grade crossings along the Blue Line and Union Pacific Railroad Wilmington subdivision in the mid-corridor from Los Angeles to Long Beach. Improvements at these intersections include:
- Installation of new concrete crossing panels in some crossings
- Pedestrian gates, emergency swing gates, and tactile warning devices will be installed on both sides of the ROW
-Additional asphalt or concrete pavement will be installed adjacent to the emergency swing gate area to improve the safety of pedestrian refuge
-Qwick Kurb will also be installed on both sides of the street between the curb extension of the cross-street and the marked crosswalk to prevent vehicles from entering the pedestrian crossing area.

The benefits to be achieved are:
Roadway Crossing Safety – There are no new improvements proposed for vehicles on this project, except for the installation of Qwick Kurb to prevent vehicles from intruding into the pedestrian walkways. The existing crossing safety equipment, which includes traffic signals, pedestrian signals, and railroad gates, flashing lights, and audible devices, will be maintained.

Noise and Vibration – Except for the bells associated with the pedestrian gates, there will be no new noise or vibration as a result of the improvement project. The existing tracks are a continuous welded rail, bonded insulated joints, concrete ties and crossing panels, which keep noise and vibration to a minimum.

Pedestrian Safety – The addition of the pedestrian gates and emergency swing gates and the tactile warning devices will clearly mark where pedestrians should stop and wait during the railroad pre-emption. The pedestrian hand railing will prevent pedestrians from entering the roadway and keep them safe in the refuge area. The Qwick Kurb will also help pedestrian safety by keeping vehicles on the roadway.

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