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Mayor Aja Brown’s César Chavez Day Message

March 31, 2016

COMPTON – The following statement is from Compton Mayor Aja Brown on the commemoration of César Chavez Day:

“César Chavez lived a life dedicated to being of service and to improving the lives of the people who grow our food.  His slogan 'Si, se puede' or 'Yes, It can be done,' became the rallying cry Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign and indeed our nation.

César Chavez’s legacy encourages each of us to continue spreading his message of justice, non-violence and service to the youth who will lead our community in the future.

We pause on March 31st to not just honor his legacy but the legacy of all those who spoke out against injustice and championed the rights of America’s farmworkers.

Today, I am proud to join my colleagues on the City Council and the City of Compton in commemorating the extraordinary life and service of César Chavez.”

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