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Statement Regarding Resident’s Discolored Water

Thursday, June 9, 2016

COMPTON – The City of Compton is 128 years old.  The City’s pipes are made of cast iron and because of that from time to time sediment that has built up in some of the aging pipes causes a discoloration of the water.   Sediment buildup can be particularly high in areas with dead-end pipes and in neighborhoods with older cast iron mains. This can also occur as a result of fire hydrant activation in the event of a fire.

In occurrences of sediment accumulation, the City conducts high velocity flushes where select hydrants are opened. The high velocity of the released water washes the main, removing any collected sediment. The water is released onto the street.  During the cleaning process, residents may notice water in the street as it enters the storm drain system. In addition, customers may notice changes in their own plumbing, including slight pressure drops, air in the pipes, or “dirty” water. 

Similar to other neighboring city’s faced with brown water, the discoloration is not a health concern and is comprised predominantly of rust. The water is safe to drink and use.  The City of Compton continues to test its water quality on a weekly basis.

City officials will continue to work with residents on informing them about Compton’s 128-year-old aging infrastructure and the importance and critical need to invest in bringing the City’s system up to date.

At this time, the City has not received any complaints regarding discolored water.  Those with water quality concerns are encouraged to report them directly to the City of Compton’s Water Utility Division at (310) 605-5500 during regular business hours and or (310) 650-7782 after hours and on weekends. 

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