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Clean-Up Los Angeles City/County Campaign

3,000,000 pounds and counting

As Los Angeles continues to face the crisis of illegal trash dumping and the ensuing blight to our communities, Active Recycling is making a difference.

It has been a short eight months since the All Communities Matter Clean up LA Campaign began. In the spirit of being a true Community Partner, Active Recycling began a program where residents could bring trash to their facility and dump it for Free.

Once the word spread, the community responded and responded big time, bringing in over three million pounds of trash and dumping it for free.

 According to Errol Segal, the Senior Recycling Consultant for Active Recycling, this is just the beginning. As long as there is a challenge with illegally dumped trash, Active Recycling will continue in their resolve to be a Proactive Community Partner.

 As all costs for the Free Trash Dumping project are being shouldered by Active Recycling, it falls on other community partners to help spread the word to those who would benefit from and take advantage of the offer.

 We call on all those concerned with the Crisis of Illegally Dumped Trash to join in as a True Community Partner and help spread the word.

 Remember we are not asking for an endorsement of our business but of the effort and encourage others to take similar step in addressing the issue of illegally dumped trash.

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