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Do you know these Municipal Code Violations

CMC 7-20.4a - Overgrown Weeds/Grass

CMC 7-20.5 - Accumulation of Rubbish/Weeds

CMC 8-5.15 - Storage of Aband/Inop Vehicle(s) or Part(s)

CMC 21-1.4b.4 - Trash Containers within Public View

CMC 30-12.4g - Outside Storage/Display (C-L)

CMC 9-1.2 - Business License Required

CMC 7-9.11a - Litter on Occupied Property

CMC 30-20.3e.2 - Storage of Rubbish/Garbage/Junk/Inop Vehicles/Furniture/Appliances/Building Materials are Proh.

CMC 7-12.10 - Noise Making Animals

CMC 30-20.5b.1 - Living/Sleeping in Trailers is Prohibited

CMC 30-22.4b - Prohibited Signs

CMC 30-44.2b.1 - Fence(s)/Wall(s) in Disrepair CMC 30-20.3e.1 Storage of Vehicles/Tents/Trailers/Boats/Garbage/Parts/Hanging Clothes/Rugs are Prohibited

CMC 7-3.3 - Graffiti Accumulation