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Water Utility Fee Increase (Effective February 1, 2018)

To Our Valued Customers:

We Never Like to Increase Water Utility Fees…But we have avoided raising our fee for as long as possible and can no longer prolong the inevitable. Therefore, City Council approved a comphrensive study of Compton’s Master Fee Schedule. This increase is a pass-on from the complete and thorough fee comparison study.

Customers will see the full impact of the fee increase bill beginning February 1, 2018.

• The fee increase will mostly affect construction water service.
•  Compton’s water service fee has been and is still lower than the fee of surrounding municipalities and area utility companies.
• Also, we regret we have to pass on this increase but it will allow us to continue to provide high-value water services to our valued customers by offering high quality with competitive fees.  

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