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Compton’s Sativa Customers

Niagara Bottling company is donating free bottled water to Sativa Customers April 26th-28th  from 12pm to 4pm at El Sagrado Corazon De Jesus Church parking lot, 1720 N Culver Ave.  Customers must bring ID and recent Sativa bill in order to receive water.

Additional locations will be distributing water on April 27th-28th  from 7am to 7pm at the following locations:

Sativa Headquarters, 2015 Hatchway Street

Sativa Well #5, 2081 Stockwell Street

Satica Well #3, 13320 Willowbrook Ave

Sacred Heart Church, 1720 N. Culver Ave

Everyone else, FYI--

LA County OEM is coordinating with LA County Fire to respond to this event per County Supervisor direction.  LACo Fire is setting up an Incident Management Team (IMT) to distribute additional water (separate from Niagara) at El Sagrado church.  Those op periods will likely be 7am to 6pm.  I am unsure of the number of days they will be handing out water, but I do know it will be bottled water and eventually they are looking into more permanent water supply solutions (water cows, etc) until the issue is resolved.

There is a briefing tomorrow for IMT members/everyone involved in the response at 7:00am at MLK Center for Public Health, 11833 Wilmington Ave.  Michael Harvey will attend on behalf of the Compton Water Dept.   LA County Department of Public Health (LADPH) is setting up a Joint Information Center (JIC) in coordination with LACo Fire and County OEM.