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Press Release: The City of Compton Provides an Update Regarding Aggressive Efforts to Repair City Streets

COMPTON, CA – April 25, 2019. Now that the rainy season is over, the City of Compton announced that it has made significant progress since its February 2019 update regarding aggressive and ambitious plan to address road conditions. The repairs, which began in 2018, are funded through special revenues from measure M, R, the gas tax, and Measure P. Most recently, dramatic repairs were completed on some of its most damaged of 21 streets that are currently under reconstruction, including as on Saunders, Pixley, and Bales (photos attached). In summary, approved repairs under way include:

• Compton Blvd between Long Beach Blvd and Alameda - about 1 mile.
• Central Ave. from Compton Blvd south to Greenleaf Blvd - about 2 miles
• $80,000 in pothole repairs last fiscal year throughout the city along the major arterials
• $600,000 in completed major arterial work and work on Myrrh from Oleander to Santa Fe
• $1.7 million for repairs to 21 streets underway
• $500,000 in engineering and design for repair of 10 residential streets that the Council deemed in severe need of maintenance, based on resident concerns.
• Joint project with Cal Trans to repair on/off ramps and the deck at the 91 freeway at Central and Wilmington, as well as the 710 at Alondra.

“We’ve already received a positive response from residents, a school, and businesses who recently had street repairs completed and who are encouraged to see the progress,” said Cecil Rhambo, Compton City Manager.

Since it has begun robust repairs, the City has received a spike in requests for individual streets to be moved up the repair list. The City has emphasized the importance of maintaining its set schedule and working within governmental contracting processes required by law to move such large projects along. The City reviews individual residential complaints to determine how they should be scheduled, emphasizing that such a process is how best the City can ensure a fair approach to repair throughout its various neighborhoods and avoid delays in repairs of roads in greatest need.

In addition, the City has begun and will continue to post updates on street repairs completed on the Public Works area of its website: as well as on its social media channels.

For more information contact the City Manager, Cecil Rhambo at: 310-605-5585/ or the City Public Information contact, Melissa Franklin at 310-946-7805/


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