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Assessor Names Compton City Council Member Special Assistant

Los Angeles County Assessor Jeff Prang has tapped Compton City Councilmember Michelle Chambers as a Special Assistant to the Assessor for Public Affairs, Prang’s Office announced Thursday. Chambers, who will be focusing on the southwest section of the county, has nearly 28 years experience in government services.

Most recently, Michelle Chambers was elected to the Compton City Council in June, 2019. In addition to City service, Ms. Chambers will focus on the southwest section of the county with the L.A. County Assessor.  Prior to joining Jeff Prang’s Public Affairs staff, she was a Senior Field Deputy for the California State Legislature.

She began her public service career in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and worked on several projects on Capitol Hill with the Congressional Black Caucus and the National Black Caucus. Chambers relocated to Los Angeles in 2009, where under the leadership of Congresswoman Diane E. Watson and Congresswoman Janice Hahn, she worked on legislative issues affecting disadvantaged communities. She represented South Los Angeles, Watts, and Compton, among other communities.

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