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Volunteer Income Tax Preparation (VITA)


  • If you made $56K or less in 2019, thousands of free tax preparation sites are ready to help you do your taxes. Find a #VITA site near you at: #IRS
  • Get the #IRStax credits you deserve without spending a cent. If you made $56K or less in 2019, find a free tax prep site near you: #VITA
  • #IRS-certified volunteers can take the stress out of filing your taxes. If you made $56K or less in 2019, check out this FREE program: #VITA
  • Ready to do your taxes but could use a little help? If you made $56K or less in 2019, #IRS-certified volunteers might be able to prepare and e-file your tax return for free: #VITA
  • If you made $56K or less in 2019, #IRS partners stand ready to prepare and e-file your return for free: #VITA
  • FREE tax help by #IRS-certified volunteers in available nationwide. If you made $56K or less in 2019, find free tax preparation services at: #VITA
  • #IRS-certified volunteers offer free tax help to people who make $56K or less, persons with disabilities and taxpayers with limited English proficiency. See: #VITA
  • DYK #IRS-certified volunteers provide free tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified taxpayers? See: #VITA
  • Need help preparing a tax return? Volunteers help many taxpayers file for free. See: #IRS
  • Did you make $56K or less in 2019? You may qualify for free help preparing your #IRS tax return through the #VITA program. Check out
  • Need help with your #IRS tax return? Volunteers offer free tax prep to eligible taxpayers who earn $56K or less. #VITA
  • #IRS community volunteers offer free tax prep for taxpayers with limited English in locations nationwide: #VITA
  • Use the #IRS online locator to find a free tax preparation site near you. #VITA
  • Before heading to a volunteer tax preparation site, check to see if you have everything you’ll need to prepare your #IRS tax return. #VITA
  • #IRS Reminder: If you’re eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit - #EITC you may also qualify for free tax preparation. #VITA

Daniel A. Swaby Senior Stakeholder Liaison
Internal Revenue Service Communications and Liaison (C&L)
300 N. Los Angeles Street MS 4032 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Office: 213-372-4436
Fax:    855-787-2568

  • Watch out for ‘ghost’ tax preparers. If you pay someone to prepare your #IRS tax return, make sure they sign it either electronically or on paper:
  • Unscrupulous ‘ghost’ preparers will print the tax return and tell the you to sign and mail it to the #IRS, but not sign it themselves. This is a scam that hurts honest taxpayers
  • A ‘ghost’ preparer will prepare your tax return for e-filing to #IRS, but refuse to digitally sign as the paid preparer. This is a scam that hurts honest people
  • #IRS warns taxpayers about real-life ‘ghosts.’ These are paid tax preparers who hide by not signing the tax returns they’re paid to do.
  • Dishonest tax preparers, including ‘ghost’ tax preparers, perpetuate refund fraud and scams that hurt honest taxpayers. See the full #IRS warning here:
  • #IRS reminder: Paid preparers must sign and include their PTIN on your tax return. Not signing a return is a red flag that the preparer may be looking to make a fast buck out of you.
  • ‘Ghost’ tax return preparers may require payment in cash only and not provide a receipt. #IRS urges you not to fall for these scammers:
  • Some ‘ghost’ tax return preparers invent income to qualify their clients for tax credits. #IRS reminds you that this is a scam that hurts honest people:
  • A ‘ghost’ tax return preparer may claim fake deductions to boost the size of your refund.#IRS reminds you: You’re responsible for your tax return even when prepared by someone else.
  • A ‘ghost’ tax return preparer may direct your tax refund into their bank account, instead of your account. See the full #IRS warning here:


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