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Press Release: Compton Mayor and City Council Appoint 2020 Emergency Standby Council

Compton, CA –  On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, Compton Mayor and City Council approved the 2020 Emergency Standby Council to serve in the event of an extreme emergency on behalf of each respective elected official. The purpose of the Emergency Standby Council is to be prepared for the worst-case scenario, such as a natural disaster, enemy attack, or other event rendering the Mayor and/or City Council members unable to perform their duties as elected officials.

To serve in the Emergency Standby Council, appointees must meet the following criteria: reside in the council district and/or be an employee of the City, and be willing to serve during the year. Each Emergency Standby Council member is required to take an oath of office for the City Council prior to beginning the position.

“The function of an Emergency Standby Council is essential only in extreme situations where the Mayor or Councilmembers are incapacitated and therefore unable to serve physically or virtually,” said Compton City Attorney Damon Brown. “It is critical that the City takes these necessary steps to ensure Compton is represented in times of an emergency.”

An Emergency Standby Council would not inherit or perform any duties of an elected official when they are able to perform duties themselves. Appointees are not activated in the event of an ordinary vacancy, like a resignation or reelection. In the case the Mayor is found to be unable to perform duties as an elected official, the Mayor Pro-Tem is set to serve in the place of the Mayor. If the Mayor Pro-Tem cannot serve, City Council members will serve in order of seniority before an Emergency Standby Council is asked to perform duties. Emergency Standby Council members do not hold any power as elected officials, can be removed from their roles at any time with or without a reason, and do not receive any form of compensation.

In the case of such an emergency situation, the appointee would serve either until the elected member returns or until the next election. The members of the Emergency Standby Council will continue to serve until the Council appoints or reappoints the members at the beginning of each year. The Council reelects the second Council meeting in January of each year. Standby member duties appear in Article 15, Sections 8635 through 8644 of the state of California Government Code, and in the Compton Municipal Code § 2-4.11: Continuity of Government in Event of Disaster.

Media Contact: Alma Maldonado, 323.804.2561.

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