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City of Compton Issues a Statement Regarding City Controller

Compton, Calif. – Recently, the resignation letter of the City of Compton Controller was published online. The City is unaware of how the letter was published.

Compton City Attorney Damon M. Brown stated: 

“It has come to our attention that the City Controller’s resignation letter has been published online.  The letter contains multiple inaccurate and false claims and allegations. While the City will not comment on individual personnel matters, pursuant to the City’s Charter, the City Controller reports directly, and is accountable to, the City Council.  Neither the Mayor nor any individual councilmember has the singular authority to control or govern the terms and conditions of the Controller’s employment with the City.  Before receiving the resignation, the City had not received any complaints that the City’s Controller or her staff have been targets of harassment, or were given unlawful directives by any member of the City Council or City Management. The City takes all reports of harassment and misconduct seriously. The City will address the allegations with due diligence, as it works to transition the leadership of the Controller’s Office.”

Media Contact: Alma Maldonado, 323-804-2561

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