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Compton City Council Announces Accomplished Infrastructure Improvement Projects and Future Projects to be Completed this Year

City in Process of Repaving More than 30 Commercial and Residential Streets; City Council will be Voting on an Approximately $45 million Municipal Bond for Additional Critical Infrastructure and Street Repairs

Compton, CA – July 31, 2020 – Compton Mayor and City Council held a press conference today to commemorate the work completed thus far this past fiscal year on City infrastructure improvements and the work that is scheduled to be completed over the next six months. Since July 1, 2020, the City has repaved 14 streets, with additional streets to be repaved in the coming months for a combined total of over 30 streets by the end of the calendar year. As the 2019-2020 fiscal year is finalized, Compton continues to be on track to repair 50% of failed streets by the end of 2020. 

“Compton residents deserve well-paved and well-maintained roads, which is why fully restoring our city’s street system is one of our top priorities.  Today it is clear that we are on our way to changing Compton’s landscape through reconstruction, beautification projects, and more funding that will fund vital improvements, address decades of divestment and lack of maintenance and most importantly demonstrate results for residents,” said Mayor Aja Brown. “These projects are long overdue, and it is only the start to an extensive, continuous capital improvement program that will transform our City and benefit every resident, business and stakeholder.”

The City has two ongoing street repair projects addressing failed streets. The first is Hardy and Harper’s Grind and Overlay project that began in March 2020 and is currently grinding layers off of 26 damaged streets to repave them. The second is the largest street repair project that kicked-off at the start of the new fiscal year, known as Phase I CIP #18-01 where $5.8 million was invested to fully reconstruct seven major streets. Not only will the project reconstruct the roads, but it will also reconstruct ADA curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and driveways, which will be completed by December 31, 2020.

“One of our top priorities is to fix our roads and the City has been laser-focused on this challenge. The City Management team has worked diligently to execute this program and we are thrilled to witness major progress,” said Craig J. Cornwell, Compton City Manager. “With approximately $5.8 million invested in road repairs for 2020, City Management is focused on funding more infrastructure improvement projects to build on the work we have achieved.”

Although significant progress has been made, there is additional work that needs to be done. With over 30 years of disinvestment, the City faces about $85 million in infrastructure costs, which include about $45.7 in street repair costs and about $5.2 million in improvements for city facilities. The last half of the full reconstruction project, also known as Phase II CIP #18-02, requires $23 million to fully reconstruct 21 streets. Since March 2020, the City has invested over $10 million. Funding was made possible due to multiple sources of funding, Compton’s Measure P, Los Angeles County and state measures, such as Measure M, Measure R, Prop A, Prop C, SB1-RMRA, and Gas tax. 

To address the funding shortage, the Mayor and City Council moved forward to authorize a team of professionals to advise on issuance obligations and reimbursement of about $45 million municipal funds that will finance the reconstruction of the City’s aging infrastructure without raising taxes for residents. Street infrastructure and street lighting projects are eligible projects under this municipal bond. Compton City Council has yet to authorize the issuance of the municipal bond, which would be issued this Fall 2020.

With this new funding, the City will be able to address failed streets and make critical improvements to public facilities. These projects could include: streetlight projects, technology upgrades, and public counter refurbishment to City Hall; roof replacement at Burrell MacDonald Center, updates to the Sheriff station office, bathrooms, and locker rooms; repairs to Public Works maintenance yard, CareerLink, Dollarhide Community Center, and improvements to two fire stations including our Emergency Operation Center, and more.


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